Service Desk, field engineering and parts management.

CADEN’s on site services have more than 200 engineers on a national level. Our technicians work with devices from multiple manufacturers that ensures total coverage for your support. We guarantee call out service 24/7.

Reduce costs in your projects with on site technicians. With our parts logistics we can assure a fast a precise delivery of emergency replacement parts.

Service desk

• Our service desk is a unique contact point to communicate with our clients. We have two levels of support, leaving the third level of support always to the manufacturer.

• We attend to and resolve any queries by phone.

• We also deal with request via telephone.

• We offer follow up and event closure.

• We take up incidents with our own internal support or that of our clients.

• In necessary cases we personally make sure that our engineer and the parts arrive safely.

• 24/7 services.

On Site Engineering

Our tech service operates from 73 different support centres. CADEN’s 200 on-site engineers deliver specialized assistance for incidents or requests regarding technological infrastructure.


On site support / Break & Fix.

Parts Management.

• Specialists operate CADEN’s logistics service, our services include:

• Emergency Part Delivery

• Return of Parts

• Storage

• Staging

• Deployment of Equipment

• Our delivery service is fast and precise

• 24/7 services

• 4 hours delivery time

• Systematic storage

• Emergency Replacement Part Delivery (inventory provided by client)

• Alliances with global providers to reduce the minimum delivery wait time

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