Professionals in IT

Services made for organizations that require personnel to manage their systems. Our experts in information technology can adapt themselves to the time that they are required.

CADEN’s highly trained technicians work on site and guarantee the smooth running of your company’s IT infrastructure.

Specialists responsible for the service.

Staff as a service

We supply technical staff to attend and cater to the needs of our clients. We offer both short and long term help.

Highly trained engineers that work on site and guarantee smooth operation of your IT infrastructure with CADEN’s technical backup.

Your organization will have the support of our IT support teams dedicated to looking after your infrastructure without the expense of a full time employee.

Project management

We have specialists that make sure that your project is completed in the time and manner agreed.

We manage our time to take advantage of resources that help us achieve our goal.

The standard system that we use in CADEN provides a full understanding of project portfolio control. The application and metric system recollection is the current model used to increase the profile quality of your business.

Our project management service offers weekly, monthly and trimestral reports which incorporate follow up progress reports on the project in question. Furthermore, in CADEN we check the performance of our service via evaluations, training and internal audits.

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